French Scientists Discover 30-Second “Red Onion Exercise” Boosts Strength 
by 54% In 8 Weeks Flat
French Scientists Discover 30-Second 
“Red Onion Exercise” Boosts Strength 
by 54% In 8 Weeks Flat
... Say GOODBYE To Strenuous Exercises That Can Destroy 
Precious Joint Cartilage, Stress Your Heart & Lungs And Leave 
You Feeling Exhausted All Day

Dear friend,

Scientists in Paris France recently made a startling discovery. After years of research, they stumbled upon a simple 30 second exercise proven to increase muscle strength and overall health by 54% in 8 weeks... without ever touching a weight or doing any strenuous movements (regardless of age or fitness level)...

They call it... "The Red Onion" and if you do it regularly (from your desk at work or your bedside tonight)... your strength will increase by at least 5% per week. You'll be shocked to notice that activities you once thought were "hard" or even impossible, become fluid, easy and pain-free...

But that’s not even the BEST part…  

17 other research studies from top universities (including Yale and Harvard) independently confirmed this unique exercise builds your bodies' "protective armor"... helping to shield you against the most common age-related health disasters such as… heart disease, osteoporosis, sciatica, disc herniation, joint pain and so much more…

Using "The Red Onion" in your exercise regimen is like leveraging $1 and making it do the work of $5 or $10. 

You get a better return on your “workout investment” in a fraction of the time… 

Tragically, it was buried in 1966 by a self-centered “fitness Goliath” in the industry. They locked it away in their hidden vault. Then quietly threw away the key… praying no one would ever find it.

But now, their deception… and the truth behind this remarkable exercise is being exposed…

The “Red Onion Exercise” Discovered In The Most Unusual Place…

You may be wondering who I am and how I discovered the “Red Onion Exercise”.

My name is Todd Kuslikis (sounds like “Koosh-Lick-Iss). 

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been blessed to own and operate one of the most popular bodyweight-based exercise sites online,

But I’m embarrassed to share this with you… even though I taught personal training at a local fitness school in Michigan for several years and have written for top health sites like, and 

I believed the lies from deep-pocketed health clubs claiming fancy equipment is a MUST to improve strength and health. I'm ashamed that I was also sucked into the television ads that shouted "insanity" style workouts (often too hard or too long to even complete) were ideal for the human body. 

Even many of the text books that I taught from... missed a simple truth that I discovered in such an usual place... 

Several years ago, I joined a Tai Chi class in my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ll never forget walking into that dimly lit Masonic temple. I would never have imagined my life would be changed forever.

At the end of the lesson, the 60 year-old Grandmaster, affectionately known as “The Doc” (he was renowned for his healing abilities) took me aside and said, “Put your hands around my forearm.”  

Was he about to whip me across the room with his “chi”? 

Not sure, but I timidly obeyed... 

Then something VERY bizarre happened…

I could feel the inner layers of his forearm muscles get tighter… yet the outer muscles were still soft and relaxed. Then he tightened up the next layer and another layer... like a python slowly squeezing it's prey. In a few moments, his entire forearm felt like fortified steel. My hands were now wrapped around a piece of thick iron. 
I had never experienced anything like it. 

This was my first glimpse at "The Red Onion" and the power of “MVC-based” exercise (I'll explain more in a bit). 

But I was amazed by what I saw...and felt. 
The next week when I visited the class again, I enthusiastically shared my "iron-forearm" story with other students. 
Oddly enough, they were NOT surprised.. and enlightened me with their own tales of "iron transformation"...  

A 64 year old man named Steve described it this way… “My favorite is Doc’s 60 second ‘Sun & Moon’ exercise…You feel so invigorated and you don’t even move. My wife has told me she was shocked when she saw how trim I was within a few short weeks. It’s a shame more people don’t know about this.”...

Well, there’s one irresponsible culprit to blame for the burial of this priceless exercise pearl, but I’ll get to him in a second…

After just a few short weeks of using The Red Onion... and more of the Doc's 30 second "iron body exercises" I was startled by the results. My body felt and looked ripped. I was strengthening muscles I never knew I had... and my body surged with energy - like every muscle cell had been "awakened" from a deep slumber... I felt strong, healthy, and alive (unlike many of the fitness techniques I've done in the past that jarred my body and left me with achy, sore joints)... 

What’s the REAL Secret Behind “The Red Onion Exercise”?

French Scientists call it “Maximal Voluntary Contraction” or MVC for short. I’ll explain in a moment the science behind why it’s so effective, and how to “activate” your own MVC, using just your own body. But first...  

When exercise-goers feel this power-packed "squeeze and release" technique for the first time, they feel... to be honest, jipped.

Jipped by the fitness industry for selling them lies.

You too may have suffered through long hours of endless cardio on an elliptical machine… lifting dangerously heavy weights that leave your body battered… or hopping around the living room like a deranged jack rabbit only to hear your throbbing joints crying back at you later that night at 2am.  

Getting a strong, healthy body can be so simple… WITHOUT the unnecessary destruction of our precious joints or wasting another mind-numbing moment in some over-crowded "health club"... 

Yes, when you try out these "squeeze and release" exercises for yourself, you'll activate your “MVC switch” and over a period of only 8 weeks… you’ll enjoy 54% greater strength throughout your entire body. 

You’ll firm up your buns, tighten your stomach and add more muscle tone to your arms.

Not only that…

You’ll have newfound energy and feel like you were in your 20’s or 30’s. Maybe even outrun your kids or grandkids when playing soccer with them… 

You'll be able to ride your bicycle for miles on that cool summer evening and actually feel GOOD afterward (without a single joint complaining to you)…  

Your body will wake up from the deepest sleep you've had in years - feeling rested, alive... ready to handle anything you have planned... with ease and comfort..

Here are just a few real responses from people using this unique technique…

Christy J. from Missouri
Other exercises were so taxing on my body that even 3 times a week gave me symptoms of overtraining and poor recovery… now I’m actually seeing more definition, faster”.

Laurie S. from Jacksonville 
I’ve always hated to exercise. This is the first thing I’ve ever done where I don’t watch the clock count down til I’m done.”

Beth A. from Kansas 
I didn’t move, yet I still feel like I just worked out. Brilliant!

Why Is Maximal Voluntary Contraction (MVC) So POWERFUL?

Compared to other fitness solutions - such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), aerobics and even weight lifting... MVC has an “unfair advantage”. Here’s what I mean...

Imagine you wanted to plant a full-size hydrangea in your front yard. You first have to dig a large hole, right?

If you used a hand spade… you would need literally hundreds of repetitions to dig the hole. 

But if you used a crane, it would take only one or two scoops… and you’d be done.

Your muscles work the same way. Did you know that you have 840 different muscles in your body

And each muscle is divided into 10-100 muscle fibers inside each muscle. When you exercise, your brain signals ONLY the minimal amount of fibers needed to complete a movement.  

So you have to wait until those muscle fibers "tire out", then your brain tells more fibers to pick up the slack. This happens hundreds of times during a workout until all the fibers are worked.  

But when you use Maximal Voluntary Contraction (MVC), you’re like an Army Sergeant that tells EVERY cadet to go now. Aka... all fibers engage at once. So your body gets stronger and healthier… WAY faster.

3 Key Elements to Activate Your “MVC Switch” & Accelerate Your Strength & Health

MVC is activated by a unique form of isometric-based exercise. You may have heard of traditional isometric exercises already. They are exercises where you tense up the muscle without moving the joint. Maybe you’ve done a “wall sit” in High School or held a “downward dog” in a yoga class.

Yet, this is different...

There are 3 types of isometric exercises needed (static, yielding and overcoming isometrics)...  

And they are combined in a unique sequence to activate MVC and give you the strong, healthy body you’ve dreamed of.

Think of them as the "3 Strength Musketeers". They work in perfect harmony to give you the maximum benefit from every exercise, in less time. 

The best part is that anyone can do them... no matter what your fitness level or age - or even if you've suffered from a recent injury. And you actually feel good after doing them (one student claimed "it's like drinking a cup of espresso without the after-jitters"). 

If you are sick of wasting endless hours at the gym or feel exhausted after traditional “high intensity” exercises…  

If you want to feel stronger and healthier than you did in your early years… so you can enjoy all your favorite activities well into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond…

The “Red Onion Exercise” technique is a “must-have” for every man and woman over the age of 45…

You may be wondering, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?”

Massive Cover Up Behind America’s Most Popular Strength & Health Magazine

A college student working at the renowned “Strength & Health Magazine” way back in the summer of 1966... recently revealed a tragic cover-up that took place over 5 decades ago.

He shared one of the biggest dilemmas while working at the magazine during that time... was that sales for barbells had drastically declined because of the growing popularity of isometrics.

Later he revealed in a public thread they received a huge number of letters from men and women who had achieved better results using isometrics... than they did with weights.

Check this out…

Several men took a “lay off” from weights and used isometrics instead. After a couple of months, when they went back to the weight room, they were even stronger than before they had taken the lay off.

In his “tell all” letter, the intern revealed that they constantly received letters from readers that got injured, but those letters never saw the light of day.

Injuries were extremely common because of the constant admonition in the magazine to lift heavier and heavier weights”.

Several of the men that worked at the magazine also sustained injuries and were forced to take a break from weights.  So they practiced isometrics and did so with fantastic results. 

Here’s how the intern describes what he witnessed while working at the magazine's headquarters in York, Pennsylvania…

They achieved levels of development and muscular definition they had not seen in years… fantastic results in hardening of physique and the men kept going around asking people to ‘feel my muscles’”.

So why weren’t these results publicized?

In the health and fitness industry…

Cash is king.

A new subscriber that purchases an Olympic power rack, barbell and weights could spend at minimum of $1,997. Compare that to teaching you how to turn on your bodies “MVC switch”... so you can increase your strength, from home, without ever touching a weight.

That's why this powerful MVC-strength method was buried by this once-trusted fitness publication...

But science now confirms these amazing results... 
Scientists from Paris France Discover This Simple Exercise Increases Strength By 54%  

In a laboratory in Paris France, three scientists, Thepaut-Mathiew, Van Hoeck and Maton, wanted to learn if strength could increase using a simple protocol of isometric exercises.

After assembling a group of “every day folks” (non-athletes, ages 30-65), they assigned them 30-60 seconds of a few non-movement “squeezes” a few times a week for 5 weeks.

They measured the results and were startled by what they saw....

Participants increased their strength levels anywhere from 23-54%! And they felt better than they had in years with more energy and vitality. 

Does “Maximal Voluntary Contraction” build lean muscle?

That’s what researchers in the Journal of Physiology wanted to learn.

They compared MVC based exercises versus dynamic strength training (traditional exercises you’ve probably tried for years).

Two amazing results were found.

Participants on average increased their overall strength by 45%... AND had a 5% growth in lean muscle mass.

But the benefits of this near forgotten exercise don’t stop there...

17 different studies performed by top universities and publications revealed strength and lean muscle were just the beginning of the benefits

The Red Onion Technique Scientifically-Proven To Lower Cardiovascular Risk, Increase Bone Density
Protect Against Joint Pain

The below benefits are just a small handful of results you can expect when you turn on your “MVC switch” using the Red Onion Exercise technique on a regular basis…

  • Lower levels of cardiovascular risk factors [4]
  • Reduction in joint pain caused by arthritis [13]
  • Decrease in resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure [22]
  •  Increase mineral density in bone [24]
  •  Injury recovery and prevention [16]
  •  So many more…

If you are willing to spare three short 30-minute "squeeze sessions' per week to firm up your entire body and increase your strength by 54%... and prevent some of the most common age-related ailments… without even putting on your workout clothes (no "bopping around" like with almost every other fitness method)...

Then I’d like to introduce you to something VERY special and unique…

Introducing The 8 Week Isometrics Strength System For Maximum Strength & Health Improvement 

The quick, fun and effective workouts found in “Isometrics Strength” don’t require any movement (they are based on properly positioned “MVC squeezes” anyone can do)...

You can even do them from your desk at work or while watching your favorite series on NetFlix…

What’s included in the 8 Week Isometrics Strength System…

Component 1: Isometrics Strength Complete Manual (Valued at $39.95) 

  •  How to properly combine static, yielding & overcoming isometrics (the “3 Strength Musketeers”) to boost your lean muscle strength by at least 54% in 8 weeks.
  •  How to use a little-known isometrics principle to build a “fortress-like” protection for all of your joints (takes only 30-60 seconds)
  • The powerful “Palm Push Technique” that instantly tightens & tones your arms and upper body 
  •  Coveted 60-second “Sun & Moon” exercise that increases bone density and helps prevent osteoporosis
  •  50/40/10 rule to help you improve strength & health for life.
  •  How to never struggle with exercise motivation again using the “Snowball Effect technique”.
  •  So many more…
You’ll have the greatest tool for improving your strength without “moving an inch”. But that’s not all. Get instant access to…

Component 2: Isometrics Strength Workout Plan & Exercise Descriptions (Valued at $24.95)

  •  Maximal Voluntary Contraction (MVC) - based “squeezes” for each body part to tighten and tone every square inch of you.
  •  Each position takes only 30-60 seconds (can be done in the shower, at work or even while watching TV).
  • Detailed workout descriptions for each phase of development (zero confusion on what you need to do next).  
  •  Progressive based "done-for-you" programming so your strength increases - without ever touching a weight again.    
  •  Powerful “isolated” and “whole-body” postures that drastically boost lean muscle.
  •  So much more… 
Avoid confusion with this perfectly laid out workout plan so you’ll see fast improvements in your lean muscle mass, strength and overall health.

Component 3: Isometrics Strength Log Sheets (Valued at $14.95)

  •    Daily “accountability worksheet” to ensure each workout is checked off (so you always stay on track).
  •  Printable refrigerator tracker with easy “exercise reminders” - just follow along as you perform each hold.
  • Exact rep & set prescription for each exercise throughout the entire program.
  •  See your motivation skyrocket as you track your progress and health improvement.
  •  So much more… 
These log sheets are one of the most-powerful parts of the program. If you struggle with motivation, these “checklist-style” log sheets are essential to your strength success.

Component 4: Instant Access To Feel Good Life VIP (Valued at $47)

Powerful “health hacks” for men & women over 45 to ensure you get and stay healthy, for life. Here are just a few of the rare health discoveries you’ll get access to… 
  •  Did you know you should NEVER eat carrots to improve your eyesight? (Do this simple home-remedy instead).
  •  Three herbs that contain anti-cancer effects.
  • What your fingernails are revealing about your health (and what to do about it).
  •  A cup of this unique type of coffee has been scientifically-proven to help prevent deadly diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer).    
  •  Don’t ignore your bad breath - It may be telling you that you have this health-destroying condition. 
  •  One quick trick to cure nighttime leg cramps (also 3 ways to prevent them)
  •  Discover five surprising daytime habits that affect sleep (not coffee or TV related)
  •  So much more…
Included in your Isometrics Strength program is FREE instant access to our elite Feel Good Life VIP Academy. You’ll hold in your hand, the greatest collection of the rarest and most powerful “health hacks” ever discovered as a Feel Good Life member. After your 14-day trial, membership is just $47/mo. You may cancel at any time with no questions asked….and take advantage of our 60 day money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to try these little-known... often ancient, health discoveries for yourself with zero risk.

If you grab your own copy of Isometrics Strength today, you’ll also get a very special one-time bonus called The Feel Good Body Anti-Inflammation Diet

FREE Bonus: The Feel Good Anti-Inflammation & Strength Enhancing Diet (valued at $29.95)

  • Easy "food swaps" that boost your bodies healing properties & primes your body for strength improvement...
  •  A simple food guide anyone can follow that eliminates harmful inflammation from your body (so you wake up feeling energized and full of life...)     
  •   The easy-to-follow 5/2 meal plan scientifically proven to support strength gains (and actually taste good too)...
  •  So much more… 
Not just that... if you struggle with a "sweet tooth", then I have an especially exciting bonus for you today.

FREE Bonus 2: The Feel Good Body Anti-Inflammation Recipes (valued at $29.95)

  • 25 savory & delicious desserts and meals that are actually good for you...
  •   Heavenly chocolate peanut butter fudge that you truly could enjoy "all you can eat" portions that makes your body healthier... 
  •   Amazing sugar cookie cupcakes that taste so good you won't believe they weren't made from "Little Debbie" and actually help reduce harmful inflammation in your body...
  •  So much more… 
Avoid confusion with this perfectly laid out system so you’ll see fast improvements in your lean muscle mass, strength and overall health.

How Do You Get A Copy of 8 Week Isometrics Strength System for Maximum Strength & Health Improvement? 

Hold on… I’d like to reveal once last but important benefit you’re about to experience...
Did you know that this once-buried exercise technique has even been medically-proven to melt off 22.3 pounds of ugly and unhealthy body fat in 30 days…?

It’s true.

The American Medical Association discovered this in 2003... “The weight loss for some subjects in the first two weeks was as high as 18.5 lbs, after 4 weeks some subjects lost as much as 22.3 lbs in body weight using this technique”...

If you perform the simple “MVC squeezes” for the prescribed time, 3X per week… you'll be pleasantly surprised to see a trimmer waist smiling back at you in the mirror.

Why does it work so well for fat loss? 

Your body burns more calories in the 24 hours after an MVC strength training workout than nearly any other type of workout. In fact, as your strength and lean muscle increase... your body will automatically burn an EXTRA 30-50 calories per day (for every extra pound of new lean muscle)...without changing one thing about your diet.  

That's why I can say MVC exercises are like $1 doing the work of $5 or $10...  

The MOST Powerful Isometrics System To Boost Your Strength Levels For Life

If you want to avoid common age-related illnesses such as osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes

And drastically improve your sleep & overall mood

If you are concerned about how weights or strenuous exercises may be damaging your joints and health long term…

The 8 Week Isometrics Strength System is the key that unlocks your strong, healthy body needed to live an active lifestyle... LONG into your golden years (without ever touching a weight - from the comfort & privacy of your living room)...

With all the benefits described above, the program would be reasonably priced at $69.95.

And after the thousands of hours my team and I have put into this program (focus groups, research, trial & error to discover the BEST system on the planet)... we have at least invested $49,827 into this program.

And considering the cost of the most common “strength related ailments” such as bone mineral loss, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and more

The investment of $69.95 to completely transform your health would be a true steal.

But because I know this “MVC-based exercise” is new to so many people… and I want to get this important information in as many hands as possible…

If you want to experience the power of the “Red Onion Exercise” technique, and these rare “MVC holds”... to dramatically increase your strength and health in the next 8 weeks… on this page TODAY, you’ll get instant access for 90% OFF… at ONLY $7.00

**This is my special release discount found on this page only during my initial Trial Launch…**

If you decide to try these once-buried, "squeeze and release" exercise techniques during this special launch discount, I only ask that after a few weeks of practicing them... you let me know how they have changed your body and your life. Sound reasonable? 

Get a Stronger, Healthier Body with Isometrics Strength For Life or 100% Money Back

I’m so convinced you’ll be amazed at the power of these quick, isometric-based “MVC holds”... and enjoy a stronger body that will give you an amazing quality of life.

You’ll be able to transform your body into an “isometrics fortress” protecting you against osteoporosis, heart disease, and so many other age-related illnesses…

I’m offering you a 100% satisfaction, risk-free guarantee.

Try Isometrics Strength for 60 days and if you aren’t shocked at the stronger, leaner, healthier body you’ll get… you won’t pay a dime.

In addition, I’ll let you keep the TWO special gifts just for taking the time to invest in yourself.

Yep, if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just email me. No questions asked. You’ll get every penny back. I don’t want you to have to think twice about making this decision. A choice that will soon make your life so much better. 

That’s why I’ll take ALL the risk. 

You be the judge.

You have to prove to yourself that the Red Onion and MVC squeeze exercises will work for you. So accept my no-risk money back opportunity to try the program for yourself.

Get started today. By next week, you could be 5% stronger and noticing how easy it is to… carry in the groceries, squat down to scoop up your grand baby, and feel stronger than you’ve felt in decades…

If you want to possess greater strength... and escape the most common age-related illnesses (including osteoporosis, arthritis, muscle & joint aches and pains, and more...)  

I invite you to try the Red Onion technique for yourself and instantly activate your “MVC switch” to improve your overall strength, health and life…
Get Started with Isometrics 
Strength Today
ONLY $69.95
When you order today, you get instant access to Isometrics Strength, 2 FREE Bonuses and a special 14 day FREE access to the Feel Good Life Academy membership site. After the 14 day trial period, membership is only $47/month. 60 day money back guarantee. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.

Boost your strength with these easy “MVC holds”... and enjoy a greater quality of life once again!

Todd Kuslikis, MPA (aka Coach Todd)
Founder & Creator of Isometrics Strength

P.S. This special discount of 90% OFF is for a VERY limited time. If you are ready to increase your overall strength by activating your bodies’ “MVC switch” the time is now.

Get instant access to all the amazing health benefits and boost your muscular strength by 54% in the next 8 weeks. 

P.P.S. Think you are too old to start? Think again...

Professor Singh from the University of Sydney (an expert on geriatric health) has this to say… "We have muscle biopsies of people over 100 years old and you can see changes in their muscle cells, even at that age..."

Strength improvement is essential at EVERY age… and Isometrics Strength is the fastest and most convenient method to get there.
Get Started with Isometrics 
Strength Today
ONLY $69.95
When you order today, you get instant access to Isometrics Strength, 2 FREE Bonuses and a special 14 day FREE access to the Feel Good Life Academy membership site. After the 14 day trial period, membership is only $47/month. 60 day money back guarantee. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.
Yes! There are numerous studies that show at least a 5% increase in cross-sectional area after performing an isometrics program. Cross-sectional area means the girth or “wideness” of a certain body part. The amount of strength in your muscles have also been proven to increase tremendously, even when compared to concentric and eccentric workout regimens. The Isometrics Strength program will guide you through a 30 minute workout done 3-4 times a week that incorporates the right methods to build strength and size using isometrics.
Yes, as mentioned above, isometrics are extremely powerful to help you melt unwanted fat right off your body. But in addition… you’ll get access to simple and very powerful “diet tweaks” to accelerate your fat loss. 
Honestly, this is up to you. The Isometrics Strength program outlines a schedule of 3-4 times per week. But, if you already have a strength program that you are following than you can use it as an “add on.” The second part of the workout only takes 3-5 minutes to complete. This makes it a great finisher to any workout. 
Absolutely. You may already have a strength training program that you currently perform. Isometrics are a great additional method that will “finish off” your muscle even more than if you were to do your current program alone. In Isometrics Strength, I teach you the 50/40/10 Rule in how to properly add isometrics to your current program. 
Isometrics Strength is a digital download product so you’ll get access to the program right away. No need to wait for shipping and you can access it from your computer, smart phone or tablet.
With your purchase of Isometrics Strength, you get a FREE 14-day trial to our Feel Good Life Academy. In this Elite VIP Academy... you’ll discover the most powerful & scientifically proven “health hacks” to add years to your life… and help you feel amazing. 

For example, did you know there are three herbs that contain anti-cancer effects… or what your fingernails are revealing about your health (and what to do about it). Or the BEST quick trick to cure nighttime leg cramps (also 3 ways to prevent them)? You’ll learn dozens and dozens of hacks like these along with additional workouts to help you stay healthy for life. After your 14-day FREE trial, membership to the VIP Feel Good Life Academy is only $47/mo. Cancel at any time and enjoy our 60 day no-questions-asked FULL refund return policy… so you have plenty of time to try it out. Zero risk for you. 
Research has shown using isometrics based programs can help you add 5% extra strength per week. But realize each person is different and responds differently to the program. Some will gain strength faster… other’s it will take more time. Be patient with yourself. It’s a journey.  
Nope. That’s the great thing about the “MVC-holds” and Isometrics Strength. You don’t need any equipment.  
Get Started with Isometrics 
Strength Today
ONLY $69.95
When you order today, you get instant access to Isometrics Strength, 2 FREE Bonuses and a special 14 day FREE access to the Feel Good Life Academy membership site. After the 14 day trial period, membership is only $47/month. 60 day money back guarantee. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.
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